About your lesson:

Beginner Surf Lessons:

If you’ve never tried surfing before or have tried a few times, we will teach you everything you need know to go from catching white wash waves assisted by an instructor to consistently catching open-face waves on your own!

Your first class covers popping up, surfing etiquette and ocean safety.

There are a variety of pop-up techniques for beginners. We typically start off with the “Set and Step” technique and later move to the traditional pop-up. “Set and Step” helps you to master good foot positioning so you are steady on every wave. Additionally, you learn paddling technique and how to effectively position yourself on the board.

Surf Etiquette and Ocean Safety are really important parts of surfing. We use a simple sand demonstration to clearly explain the essentials of etiquette and safety so you are aware of what’s happening in the ocean and with other surfers. You will also learn different techniques to get your board into the lineup (including turtling).

As beginners progress you will begin catching waves unassisted, taking off on the peak, riding in the curl, and fading (to maintain speed and to experiment with one dynamic of more advanced turns).

Intermediate Surf lessons:

Once you are consistently catching waves on your own you and surfing on the wave face you can start thinking about BIG TURNS and other maneuvers. The foundation for impressive surfing depends on the ability to build speed, set up a bottom turn, and come off the top of a wave successfully. Intermediate lessons focus on intricate body, board, and wave mechanics that are fundamental to surfing well. As you learn these skills you’ll be able to perform classic surfing maneuvers like floaters, reos, cutbacks, etc. (and all the different variations).

It can be a long road going from the whitewash to throwing spray, but if you are like us you will love every minute!

How many lessons will you need?

Everyones unique and it depends your goals. If you are looking for a new hobby but have never surfed, it will take 3 to 5 lessons to start to get the basics if you are already comfortable in the ocean. If you are not already comfortable in the ocean, you should consider 5 to 8 lessons.


Go Surf LA surf lessons run 90 minutes. Lessons are available all year long throughout Los Angeles including Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Zuma, and Venice. Most beginner lessons take place in Santa Monica.

The sand bottom beaches of Santa Monica receive consistent waves from the Pacific all year long. However Santa Monica is less exposed than other nearby locales, making it one of the safest and most consistent surfing destinations in Los Angeles and the entire California coast.