pick and choose when to surf the 'BU!

Surfrider beach in Malibu is Los Angeles' most beloved wave (and consquently, one of the world's most crowded waves!). The rocky bottom of Malibu makes a perfect pointbreak. From spring to fall southern swells hug the cobblestone point creating waves longer than 50 yards. Catch a wave here and you will understand why every surfer in LA skips school, ditches work, and ducks social obligations to get their wave fix.

Malibu is great, but... you have to be pretty experienced to get a wave here during the summer or on a weekend. Its common to see five people on the same wave. Due to all the challenges of surfing malibu (crowds, rocks, even just finding parking) we usually wait to school is back in session and our new surfers have quite a few waves under their belt before we take on Surfrider. Once you've paid your dues though... let's go for it!