Stand Up Paddle surfing, also know as SUPping, is a great way to enjoy the ocean. Your first day SUPping is a cruisy experience and fun for all ages. The emphasis of the first lesson is less on waves and more about comfortably manuevering your board.

Your first 2 hour session we cover SUP basics including:

- getting to your feet
- effective paddling and turning technique
- safety and etiquette

Once your comfortable on your Stand Up Paddle board, you'll learn:

- taking off frontside and backside
- handling and using your paddle on the wave
- returning to the line up with ease
... and of course we will quiz your etiquette and safety knowledge!

Stand Up Surfing will change the way you appreciate the ocean, not to mention it's a mild yet incredible core work out (burning 2 to 3 times as many calories as the typical surf session.)
Lessons and Rentals are availible anytime.

SUP lessons are $120.

Wetsuit, stand up paddle surfboard, and paddle are included.

SUP/wetsuit rentals are: $60