call tmz these pics are rent payers
February 27th, 2010
February 20th, 2010

Lining up pretty nice this morning at Sunset, good luck finding a parking spot tho.

the day before the next swell
February 12th, 2010

feb12 009pretty small today, but still surfable. really nice out all round… this weekend supposed to be a doozy, good time to check up north.

January 27th, 2010

January 23rd, 2010
Santa Monica!
January 15th, 2010

Santa Monica is head hi and looking pretty fun with light offshore winds. Should stay good all morning with the tide.

wind surfin?
January 14th, 2010

there’s plenty of waves, but the wind is kinda killing it in Santa Monica.  Venice was kinda holding up but there’s a pretty solid crew out there as well.

Swell Building
January 13th, 2010

SM is mostly closed out with some nice in betwee

ners.  Wind is still off shore… but should get crazy LATER!

no time off before big wednesday
January 12th, 2010

hasn’t really dropped off much, still walled and head hi at least on the beach break.  hi tide helped out.  b-wall looking pretty nice.

January 11th, 2010

breakwall looking good, and crowded